Zodiac Sign: Virgo the Virgin (August 23 – September 22)

Element: Earth

Virgo the Virgin is the sixth sign of the astrological year that has a strong potential to make things happen. Virgo stands for purity of purpose, an innate desire to be of service and someone with higher motives.

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Those who are born under the sign of Virgo are grounded, practical, highly-organized and neat, and have a logical approach in life. They consider love as an expression of sexuality and the highest form of emotion. 

The Virgo Lover

Virgos are discriminating and picky when it comes to love. It takes time for them to find an ideal partner. This could be attributed to their obsessive-compulsive, organized and practical personality.

Virgos are also the hardest to catch and it takes a lot to impress or please them. They have mysterious, reserved and quiet personalities which are just some of the reasons why they prefer to be alone.

Although they are not the mushy or clingy types, Virgo’s display they love with devotion to make their partners happy.

Distinctive Traits

The most distinctive traits of Virgos are; they are very organized, humble, practical, thrifty and devoted to their partner.

They glow whenever they do something helpful for their partner and love certainly brings out the best in them. They are not demonstrative when it comes to their feelings but their intentions are pure and sincere.

Their negative traits are; being fussy with the way they look, irritability, excessive attention to minor details and tendency to stress over minor things.

Virgo zodiac has strong compatibility with Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio.