Zodiac Sign: Cancer the Crab (June 22 – July 22)

Element: Water

Those under the zodiac sign Cancer are characterized by their sensitive and loving nature. They are also extremely caring and compassionate towards others.

A Cancer who is in love falls quickly and really hard – with a loud thud. In general, people born under the Cancer sign are prone to giving their all in a relationship and they usually rush into having a commitment.

Their best trait in a relationship is that they are always extremely loyal and determined to work things out when the going gets tough. They are the least likely to bail out when problems and conflicts arise.

The Cancer Lover

A Cancer who is in love is very sentimental and devoted. People born under this sign give their all in a relationship without having any second thoughts. They are generous with love, hopeful about relationships and they believe in strong commitments.

Cancers are very easy to love because they are open-minded and positive about relationships. They protect and defend the people they love as much as they can. Their sensitive nature also enables them to understand the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of their partners. However, they easily get hurt as well.

Distinctive Traits

The most distinctive traits of people born under the Cancer sign are their compassionate, positive, loving and caring nature.

They are also very sentimental which is why they will almost always try to cling on to a relationship that they believe is worth fighting for. Cancers are also loyal and trustworthy. 

On the negative side, their overly sensitive nature accounts to their ability to easily get hurt. They also have a tendency to misinterpret a lot of things.

Moreover, they are less adventurous and less willing to partake in new forms of experiences making them quite dull and boring to their partners.

Cancer zodiac has strong compatibility with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio