Zodiac Sign: Leo the Lion (July 23 – August 22)

Element: Fire

Those who are born under the sign Leo are similar with a lion in the wild – they are not all about cuddles and long plays. If you’re expecting a Leo to do things for you out of obligation because you’re expecting for something in return, be prepared to wait for a long time.

It takes a lot for a Leo to show a romantic side. You may find this unconventional and rude for a potential lover but Leos act on inspiration, heartfelt emotion and desire.

They need admirers to cheer them on and to encourage them to do the unimaginable. So once a Leo shows you some interest or an act of affection, it goes to show that you’ve won over his/her brave heart. 

The Leo Lover

Leo zodiac signs

In a new relationship, Leos like to put on a show by making use of their charm. You might not be able to get a lot of personal details but you will most likely appreciate their endearing and fun personality.

Similar with other fire signs, Leos want to engage in fun activities and exciting conversations. They avoid dull and weak personalities although they usually like to take the lead in relationships.

Leos don’t like those who play as victims of failed relationships and attempt to find sympathy. They are more attracted to individuals with courage, confidence and those who have special qualities other than physical attributes. 

Distinctive Traits

People under the sign of Leo can be described as strong-willed, passionate and intense. They generally hate conflicts and failures and they easily get worked-up over temporary setbacks.

They are also competitive yet considerate of other people. They only talk about their problems to people that they trust like their families and closest circle of friends.

On the down side, Leos are the jealous and possessive types. Although they sometimes have difficulty expressing their feelings, they are usually warm-hearted and loyal. 

Leo zodiac has strong compatibility with Aries, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius.