Zodiac Sign: Aquarius the Water Bearer (January 20 – February 18)

Element: Air

Aquarius people are characterized by their intellect and love for good conversations. You can expect to have long and meaningful talks with them that can easily lead to a solid partnership.

Aquarians are genuine and deep although they can engage in almost any topic. They have a natural ability to draw the interest of people with their wit, charm and good-natured aura.

This attitude draws the interest of many hopeless romantics especially those who are fascinated with good sense of humor and sheer confidence. 

The Aquarius Lover

As a lover, Aquarians are particular to details and they can pull out every trick they can come up with just to secure a person’s love, interest and affection.

They treat the persons they love generously and try to please them as much as they can. They are passionate and expressive with their feelings. They don’t hold back – when they’re in love, they express it freely without inhibitions. 

Aquarius lovers will most likely try to please their partners even though they know that they might fail in the process. For them, it’s always a case of “it’s the thought that counts”.

They are always eager to love their partners the best way they can which can be endearing and accounts to a stronger relationship. However, they are very careful in the selection of their partner because not everyone is worthy of their efforts.

And since Aquarians are naturally romantic, breaking up just to make up is a relatively common past time for them. 

Distinctive Traits

The most distinctive traits of Aquarians are; they are self-confident, friendly, pleasant and self-assured. They like to retain their identity regardless of what type of relationship they are in.

They maintain their own qualities and they like to feel accepted for what they are. They don’t like being changed or being tied down to certain standards just to feel worthy.

On the negative side, Aquarians can suddenly detach themselves from things and people without having to explain why. They can also be cold and rigid to some personalities.

Aquarius zodiac has strong compatibility with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius