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Monday, 07 July 2008


Viktor O. Ledenyov, Kharkov, Ukraine

The business education programs in the US leading business schools at universities have to be reshaped completely. The suggestions by Professor Howard Gardner to encourage more Harvard students to consider public service and other careers beyond the consulting and financial jobs may be interpreted as inability to educate the leaders, who have enough skills and entrepreneurial experiences to establish the new businesses in the US. This is a weak move. My vision is that the educational programs at North American universities are mainly concentrated on the business evaluation methodologies. Professors develop the students skills to evaluate rather than to innovate and create. Therefore, the efforts have to be taken to encourage students to found the new high tech businesses to create the new nano-electronic devices, software, services and so on. The students from Harvard shouldn't be advised to try to get the governmental jobs and stay for the rest of their life on the governmental spending list, because it is absolute nonsense, which will lead the nation to the state of collapse rather than to the state of prosperity.

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