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Monday, 15 January 2007


20 years of Erasmus in Europe by ESN students!

In the year 2007 also the student organisation Erasmus Student Network is organising celebrations around Europe. They will consist of Erasmus Days in several locations around Europe, and the Erasmus Van touring around more than 30 countries!

We invite everybody to the ESN 20 Years of Erasmus website www.20erasmus.eu

On the website, you can: • upload your personal living story about Erasmus and contribute to create a strong documentation to leave to the next generations of Erasmus students. • read other Erasmus students’ testimonies • find your Erasmus Friends by connecting with those who were Erasmus in the same place, in the same year, had similar experience

See here:www.20erasmus.org/experiences/browse

We are celebrating 20 Years of Erasmus Programme... and what is a celebration without presents? Every month the nicest, most original, most moving, most funny experiences will receive prizes.

Lets celebrate Erasmus!!!!!

Ewa Krzaklewska


20 Years of the Erasmus Programme Team

Erasmus Student Network

Share Your Erasmus Experiences!

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