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Monday, 06 November 2006


Edward Patrick Flaherty

So long as the UN itself honors the principles of the Global Compact in the breach (particularly those those concerning labor practices and corruption), the Global Compact is a joke. Geoffrey Robertson, a noted UK barrister, Human Rights lawyer, and judge on the Sierre Leone War Crimes Tribunal alleged in June 2006 that the UN violates the human rights of its own employees (http://www.un.org/cmp/uncmp/news/2006-06-13_NYS.pdf) !!! So much for good global citizenship on the part of the UN--its rather more of the same old mush from the UN and its corrupt senior officials--'do as we say and not as we do, and be sure to send us lots of money to waste or embezzle while you are at it!!'

If the thousands of companies who have navishly joined the Global Compact do not start forcing the UN itself to abide by the 10 Global Compact principles immediately, then civil society should start boycotting those companies and their products for they are no better than the UN, and probably doing just as much if not more harm to the world at large. Maybe those educational institutions contemplating joining the Global Compact should look before they leap!!

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