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Thursday, 01 June 2006


Fernando Jiménez

This is an old question. I read some time ago that American Economy was manage with European economics theories, the book explain that EEUU need his own theories, and encourage American economist to take the lead on economic investigation. Well i think that globalization has made a narrow planet, of course there are differents cultures, conceptions of life, ethics and religions. In general, concepts just must be adapted in few cases. If i asked what kind of education should attend a third world leader, likely most of people answer that a "Continental" one, and that´s because we believe that our theories should help to develop the country. So wealthy and development depends on the use of advanced ecnomic's theories, how to implement this theories depends on the local leaders.

Der Chao Chen

Apparently, one big question behind such an comment is " Are those management knowledge we learned capable to be applied universally?"

Contigency theory remind us to consider the contextual conditions in our managerial works. Different contexts do request different approach to do business and handle management issues.

However, should we treat the agenda of corporate governance or business ethic with such a contigency? Can some corrputions be accepted or understanded, just because there may happen in different context, other than so called Western or more insitutionalizd countries/ cultures?

Of course, different cultures or contexts have different views and responses toward managerial work, however, is that solely because we use American textbooks in the class? Is that one of duty for teahcers to deliver localized context to his/her students in the classroom?

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