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Monday, 03 October 2005


Santiago Iniguez

Unfortunately, it is still true that holders of PhD degrees from foreign universities have to go through an intricate process of validation if they want to be hired at Spanish public universities -not the case at private schools. This is a clear barrier to entry that will be removed by Bologna.

Della Bradshaw

I do agree with Prof Danos that the Bologna process does not affect new, fundamental issues about what is taught, but the transparency of the proposed system will at least remove some of the artificial barriers that have prevented schools from being innovative.

Just one example.....certainly up to a few years ago, PhD degrees earned in the UK were not valid in Spain. That prevented state universities recruiting faculty from outside the university system. (Is this still true?)

In Germany, too, the habilitation degree (the second deoctoral degree) effectively limits the number of non-German professors a business school can employ.

Once there is a free and competitive market for faculty, as exists in the US, there is much more chance of innovation.

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